Founded in 2020, The MES Endowment was formed by a group of parents and grandparents in the community who saw a need for increased and permanent financial support for the Molokan Elementary School. The MES Endowment is an independent 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that is governed by a Board of Trustees by way of unanimous consent. The MES Endowment is designed to operate within its strict bylaws and with financial transparency.  The goal of The Endowment is to increase access and enrollment at the Molokan Elementary School through financial support, so that more of our precious youth can be educated together in a wholesome environment.


The MES Endowment capital balance will increase over time, providing greater monetary support to The Molokan Elementary School. We envision a day when MES is affordable for all Molokan families. Increased enrollment will translate to tighter bonds among families and greater commitment to our community, values and faith. The MES Endowment is a foundation of support that provides sustained benefits to our youth, families, churches and the Molokan community.

What is an Endowment?

An endowment is a pool of capital that is professionally managed to create interest income for a beneficiary nonprofit organization. Money or other assets are donated to the fund and are tax-deductible. This money is invested and grows over time. Any interest income earned is typically paid out to help supplement an organization’s operating costs. In the case of The MES Endowment, money would be invested, and the interest income earned would be provided to the Molokan Elementary School for use in operational expenses. Endowments are designed to maintain their principal capital and only pay out money earned on that principal. This creates a source of monetary support in perpetuity.

Molokan Elementary School

Since 1987, the MES has proven to be a valuable asset to the community and a haven to provide directed education in a Christian Molokan environment free from the negative influences of the world.  It boasts small class sizes, quality teachers, diverse curriculum and a positive atmosphere that is optimal for learning.  We believe it is one of the pillars that has been built on a firm foundation of quality education coupled with the promotion of Molokan ethics, moral values, history and tenets of faith.  In addition to a standardized education, our students receive Bible lessons, Russian language instruction, and learn prayers and songs.

Board of Trustees

Nick N. Metchkoff

David M. Orloff

Phillip M. Nazaroff

David A. Berokoff

Jim J. Nevarov

Steve Mackshanoff